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Cyrus Structures provide comprehensive civil and structural engineering consultancy services from project inception through to completion and beyond. We provide quality technical advice to homeowners, developers, architects and contractors across the country. Our services cover residential, commercial and industrial developments.

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Residential Projects

Cyrus Structures provides full design calculations and drawings for new build properties.

Double and Single Storey Extensions

We specialise in providing calculations for small scale internal alterations and extensions.

Loft Conversions

Cyrus Structures has provided design calculations and drawings for several loft conversion projects.

Chimney Breast Removals

We have the capability to assist you in removing existing chimney breasts to free up space in your home.

Retaining Wall Design

Cyrus structures has extensive experience in the design of retaining walls.

Foundation Design

We provide analysis and design calculations for varying types of foundations including strip/trench footings, pads, ground bearing slabs, rafts and piled foundation.

Basement Design

The construction of basement foundations underneath both new and existing structures requires the expertise of a structural engineer to execute safely.

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